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Do you have a leaky roof? Is your home at risk of severe damage? Don’t delay and risk further damage to your home! Coastal Roofing Co is your roofing contractor in Coffs Harbour, serving the entire Mid North Coast NSW with the most effective solutions for your roof repair and maintenance. We always ensure to use all the leading and new brand materials with the dedication that we should be your number one choice for roof repairs. We offer a 24 hours emergency response team to reach you and secure your roof, ensuring that everyone is safe. So if you have an emergency problem with your roof, connect with us, and we will fix it immediately. Our roof repair services include emergency roof leak repair, storm damage, and fallen objects damage roof repair.

Cease the Leaking of Your Roof

The roof is the most exposed part of your house or building, it is the very first part that is exposed to downpours, and thus it requires extra care and attentiveness. Unfortunately, carelessness can damage your roof in numerous ways. Roof leaking is one of the most prevalent causes of damage, which first ruins your ceiling and crawls down the wall, which can cause short circuits and peel off the paint.

If you don’t control the constant water leakage, your home and building can be completely messed up. To avoid the leaking of your roofs and to prevent the dampening of walls, you need the best professional roof repair services. Even if a permanent fix is unavailable, you need emergency roof leak repair services, which we can provide.

For the past 25 years, we at Coastal Roofing Co have been the top service provider for reliable roofing services, including leaking roof repair. We care about our customers and we value our relationship with them. We make sure we can fix any damage caused by a storm or other disaster as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we come up with an effective solution. Our roofers are available 24 hours a day to handle your roofing problems. We guarantee you that you will always obtain satisfactory results per your requirement.

Expert Commercial and Residential Roof Restoration Services

We aim to protect you, your family, your business, and the value of your property. With vast years of experience, we have seen many situations that other companies would have found difficult to accept during emergencies. Quality is what we are known for, and we are excellent at providing emergency roofing services.

We know what roofing services entail and we can provide guaranteed speedy solutions. We are capable of answering all of our customers’ concerns when they need emergency roof repairs. We’ve established a great rapport with our clientele because we are familiar with local customs and work hard to get the job completed on time.

We Perform Quick Emergency Roof Repair
When it comes to emergency repairs, bad weather situations are the most significant cause, as ice, snow, heavy rain, hail, pooling water, sun damage, and other natural disasters result in major property destruction and overall devastation. Leaks occur in a roof when water penetrates the roofing materials, which weakens the building’s foundation, and if not repaired immediately, the damage gets worse. Our licensed and insured roofers safely meet work deadlines at the earliest without compromising the quality that materials used to be.
Immediate Action for Fixing Leaking Roof

Not all emergency roofing repairs are the same. Quick service does not have to imply inferior service. Our expert team of roofers in Coffs Harbour primarily looks for and finds any potential damages and leaks that can be dangerous for your house. Then, we take immediate action for a solution that minimizes the water leaking for your and your family’s safety.

Whenever we detect or sense any on-the-spot roof leakage requiring urgent action, we quickly assess the situation and take the right action. So if your roof cover is damaged and you require help as soon as possible.

Call our experts for roof repairs in New South Wales – the Mid-North Coast. We will reach you regardless of the weather – rain, storm, shine, or hail. During severe climates, we can offer a temporary solution to protect your residence against continued water damage until the bad weather ceases or you are ready for repair. Since we understand how tough it is for you when the water is pouring down your roof, our composure and expertise will help you stay positive for the best result. Our team will offer you the best solution to stop further damage to your home.

The expert team at Coastal Roofing Co will reassure you when you are stressed out and stop the potential for widespread damage to your roof.


Emergency Roofing

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Coastal Roofing Co has been offering complete roofing services in Australia for about 30 years now by constantly working to enhance the quality of our services through customer testimonials. In case of any emergency roof repair and preventing leaking roofs. We are always 24/7 prepared to offer you top-quality services and the promise of integrity. 

All Types of Roof Repairs

We also ensure to evaluate your old roof entirely before we install the metal or tile roofing. Besides leakage repairs, we offer all types of roofing and installation services in the Mid North Coast area of NSW, like free on-site 33-steps roof inspection, re-roofing, COLORBOND, and guttering.

Future-Proof Your Roof

Other than providing the solution to your leaking roof, we also tell you the genuine reason why it happened. This way, you will be more cautious of your roof in the future. In addition, we also replace and install a new gutter system in case it is causing any unnecessary damage to your roof.  

Your Health and Safety First

We always focus on protecting you, your family, and your business and maintaining your property value to gain your trust. We always ensure that we are easily available whenever you require our assistance. Regardless of the time of the day, we will be there for you. At Coastal Roofing Co, our roofing experts will ensure you the quality experience and services offered to you within time.

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My Neighbour Loves My New Roof

I’d like to thank you and your team for the great work on my roof, my neighbour has asked me for you number now also. Thanks again.
Garry - New South Wales

Top Job from Jacobe!

Thanks for the prompt and professional service you provided, you are the only tradie I had around that actually cared to explain what’s going on, on my roof. Top job!!

Marj - New South Wales

Roofing Professionals

All good. Great job and thank you to you and your guys. Much appreicated on your professionalism. Got your number and will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs roofing services. Cheers.
Rod - New South Wales
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